If you’re a 30-something man-child like me, then you’ll probably remember jiving to one of DJ Aoki’s many hits at the discotheque. Having worked in the past with such musical legends as LMFAOKid CudiTravis Barkerwill.i.amLil Jon and, Lovefoxxx, he is now working with much bigger legends; including Pikachu.

When I came back into collecting Pokémon TCG recently, I was quite giddy to see that Steve Aoki runs both a YouTube and Twitch channel focussed solely on box breaks and card openings. With a huge personality (and a bankroll to match!) he makes for some extremely entertaining watching.

Aoki has recently began performing regular box breaks, focussing mainly on vintage WOTC sets that are harder to come by. These breaks have a high ticket value and you really have to pay-to-play. His recent Base Set & Team Rocket duo break came with a $2,500 price tag.

He also bundles in unique mystery boxes to his entries that include 1-of-1 editions and exclusive apparel. It’s definitely worth checking out his channel and, if you can afford it, picking up a ticket!