Remember the golden days of Base Set Charizard, Umbreon ☆ and Tapu Lele-GX? Back when opening packs would give off that nostalgic smell and every holo sent shivers down your spine?

Well you’re in luck! Pokémon Company International have revealed more information about the upcoming 25th anniversary set. The set will be called Celebrations and will showcase popular cards and artwork spanning the history of the Pokémon TCG in its entirety. I expect to see plenty of fan favourites and re-imaginings making up the set, and can’t wait to start tearing open packs like a Pikachu in a Rare Candy shop!

The Celebrations set will contain just 45 cards in the regular set, including a number of Pokemon V and VMAX to spice things up, which is a very welcome change from 198 cards in the recent Chilling Reign set!

Each booster pack will contain just four cards, though will all be shinies and feature the 25th anniversary logo. In addition to the base 45 set, Celebrations will also include a special subset of 25 cards that are close remakes of iconic cards from the history of the Pokémon TCG. This subset will, without a doubt, bring back memories with every pull 🤤 Another Base Set Charizard will be making an appearance, so get your eBay account at the ready!

The set will release in October, with a range of products to rush out and buy. Pokebeach have a fab breakdown of the different products that will hit the shelves, as well as the promos cards that will be featured in each.

The Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection

The big hitter of these products has to be the Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection. If anything is described as Ultra-Premium, it’s got to be good right!?

The set will have the usual batch of packs and coins, but the pièce de résistance are the promo cards: Two commemorative metal cards featuring Base Set Pikachu and Base Set Charizard, one special gold version of Pikachu V and one special gold version of Poké Ball. Oh. MY!

I’ll be throwing up more content on the lead up to the release as we find out more, but until then, if anyone needs me, I’ll be saving up my pennies.