Eevee Heroes has been one of the most desired sets to come out of Japan in as long as I can remember. Stockists in the UK were receiving fractions of their requested product, leaving the majority to pay a higher price to obtain some packs to open.

I was fortunate to be able to work with a Japanese family run business that were able to send a small shipment over with a couple of booster boxes and the coveted collectors box 😍

One thing that immediately concerned me is that packs may be able to be weighed. The reason that I’m concerned by this is due to there being 1 guaranteed Secret Rare per booster box. With the set in such high demand, if the booster packs can be weighed then someone could quickly get the best cards and resell “light” booster packs to people desperate to start their collection.

In case you weren’t aware, a weighted booster pack is just what it sounds like: it’s physical weight. Using scales that are accurate to 0.01g you can accurately detect if packs are light, medium or heavy. Heavy packs tend to contain the best cards, as full art / holographic cards have more texture and weight to them. This is counter-acted in modern English sets by using the code cards, but was prevalent in WOTC sets.

I wanted to put my theory to the test. Opening one box gave me:

  • 10x light packs – 10.05~ grams
  • 10x medium packs – 10.14~ grams
  • 10x heavy packs – 10.21~ grams

This split seemed really nicely even, and the weights had some slight variance, but were mostly around the figures listed above which I sorted into three groups.

From each of these groups I took a random sample of 3 packs, giving me a relevant sample size that I could open and confirm. I wasn’t sure if this would prove true, to have heavy packs give better cards, and I really hoped it wouldn’t.

Unfortunately, it did.

The light and medium packs showed no real difference, with the “rare” cards just being uncommon. I’ve attached the pictures below of the pulls from those 3 packs.

Light pulls
Medium pulls

The heavy packs really stood apart though. With my sample size of 3 I hit the chase card and 2 full art cards. Heavy packs are definitely good pulls.

Heavy “God” pulls

But what does this mean? Well, it means that I would highly encourage you to only purchase loose packs if you’re part of a box break or buying from a seller that you really trust. Otherwise, you’ll probably be picking up light packs.

And to answer my original question: can you weight Eevee Heroes packs? Yes. Yes, you can.