For the past few months, The FA have teamed up with Pokémon for an awesome collaboration that is sure to score with both Football (soccer) and Pokémon fans alike. This has fallen perfectly around Euro 2020/21 to build hype, and these England themed promos are as hype as they get!

This range of Football themed promos will only be available in GAME stores within England (finally us brits have scored!), during selected promotional windows. These exclusive Pokémon cards feature fan-favourite Pokémon wearing the England national team football shirts.

Eevee and Grookey have already been featured, and Scorbunny has just come off the bench. To get your hands on the promo card, all you need to do is spend £15 on Pokémon TCG products at GAME stores or their online shop, and the promo will magically appear in your basket.

This set has all the makings of a wise TCG investment:

  • These promos only being available in England, for a limited time
  • The subject matter of the promos is a popular, relatable past-time
  • Pikachu and Eevee are featured cards
  • You can already sell promo cards for £15+ each

Pikachu on the Ball will be the fifth and final promo card in the series to be released later this year, however it won’t be available in GAME stores like the others. To get your hands on this Pikachu promo you’ll have had to be enrolled in the Pokémon Youth Futsal Programme.

I have no doubt they will be highly coveted, so expect to hear of lots of piggy banks getting hefty boosts when they’re handed out and subsequently thrown on eBay!