Since their first Pokémon TCG partnership in 2011, McDonalds have released an annual promo set in their Happy Meals bringing joy to millions of children (and adults pretending they have children to hoard Happy Meals without shame!).

This year will not only mark the 10th year of the partnership but the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise, so we’re in for quite a memorable promo set! The set will be released in McDonalds branches from the 18th of May.

The set list features every starter and Pikachu to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pokemon, bringing the total number of cards to, you guessed it, 25. There will also be holographic varients of each card to create a 50-card Master Set.

Each booster pack found in Happy Meals included 4 cards (3 normal and one Holo), so with some quick maths you’ll have to buy a minimum of 25 Happy Meals to get a complete set 🤤

The promo set was released in America in February earlier this year and, as with most Pokémon releases, was heavily prayed upon by scalpers looking to resell cards. In some cases, a number of cases never even made it to the general public before full boxes were resold on Ebay.

In an attempt to combat this and other tactics, McDonalds have limited the number of toys provided with Happy Meals that can be purchased in a singular transaction. This will likely (hopefully!) also be done when it hits the UK to give us a chance of completing the set!

Are you looking forward to the set? Leave a comment, but I may be too busy eating my body weight in Happy Meals to reply for a while..