Everyone loves the thrill of opening a booster pack for the mystery of what may lay inside; now imagine the thrill of opening a box of Pokémon products with lots of treats inside!

Pokémon mystery boxes can contain booster packs, rare cards, promos, graded cards, plushies and everything in-between, but just like boosters there’s never a guarantee of what you’ll get. When buying from a reputable seller you should always get at least the RRP of what you pay, though ideally you’ll get better value. The seller will get a chance to shift excess stock, albeit at a slightly reduced price, and the buyer will get a heavenly bundle of Pokémon joy!

I’ve picked up a couple from UK retailers, trying to keep it local and grow from there. It’s been a really fun experience to see how different sellers put together the boxes and, with that said, I’m excited to start a blog series showing what you can expect to get from different UK sellers.

It will give you a rough idea of what you can expect to get, if it’s a good value for money, and which should potentially be avoided. So be sure to check out the new Mystery Boxes section of the site to follow my unboxing journey!

Have you bought any mystery boxes recently that you’ve really loved, or really hated? Drop a comment below with some info and we’ll pick it up.