We usually see McDonalds sponsor a promo series in Happy Meals here in the UK (which I’m particularly excited for this year as I’ll actually have a child with me when I buy Happy Meals!!) but this time around it’s The Colonel’s turn.

KFC is the latest fast-food chain to hop on board the Pokémon hype train, with an exclusive promo series released exclusively in Indonesia. There are eight cards in total, including 2 holos and 1 Full Art, with one card in each childrens meal.

The cards take on designs seen previously with Sword & Shield and Sun & Moon releases, so expect to see lots of art from previous English sets or some repurposes from Japanese sets. Not that this is a bad thing, I absolutely love this non-holo Pikachu friends promo version that resembles the Chinese New Year Rapture release.

While the names of the Pokémon remain in English, the moves are in Indonesian. But best of all, each promo features Colonel Sanders personal seal of approval with a KFC bucket stamping on the right side.

This set has started to go up in price due to it being a very localised release, and scalpers seem to be taking full advantage. I managed to sneak in at the start when the prices were hovering around $100, but it’s started to climb closer to $200 already. Did you manage to bag this set? What do you think of the art? Let me know in the comments!

This promo set includes the following cards:

  • 180/SM-P Bounsweet
  • 181/SM-P Charizard (Holo)
  • 182/SM-P Litten
  • 183/SM-P Slowpoke
  • 184/SM-P Mewtwo (Holo)
  • 185/SM-P Dratini
  • 186/SM-P Eevee
  • 16/S-P Pikachu (Full Art)