It may be a bold claim to make, but this is the best Pokémon promo series ever made. Ever.

The set of five promotional cards were available on October 27th 2018 to celebrate a special exhibition at the Tokyo Art Museum. The Pokémon featured in this set are:

  • Psyduck
  • Rowlett
  • Eevee
  • Pikachu
  • Mimikyu

Each card retailed at the time for 450 yen and were available through official Pokémon Centers in Japan when fans purchase booster packs. There was plenty of other Scream related merch, but who cares, we just want the cardboard!

These are truly beautiful cards and to have the cross-over with such an iconic masterpiece really hits home in combining the real world with the Pokémon universe. The background of each card features different guest appearances from different haunting Pokémon, with Haunter making an appearance behind Psyduck, which is a personal favourite!

Taking price and place in my sealed display

Since purchasing, the prices of these cards have begun to skyrocket though I expect to see a dip within the year. If you’re lucky enough to get a set then make sure you keep them secure or get them off the PSA.

If you want to see some more up-close analysis of the cards, I’ll pass you over to my favourite Australian UnlistedLeaf below 👇

What do you think to the set? Did you manage to snag any of the cards early on? Let me know in the comments!