YouTube is an amazing platform with plenty of Pokémon TCG content to go around. When I’m getting my daughter to sleep and just relaxing whilst she plays I really enjoy putting on some Pokémon YouTube videos to watch some unboxings; news and announcements. Expect plenty of energy, bright colours and child friendly content.

But is it always child friendly? You know how it goes: you start watching one video, related videos take you to another content creator, and then another and another. But if you’re like my daughter she is starting to pick up words and although high energy grail hype is fantastic to see, swearing ain’t it bro (here’s looking at you maxmoefoePokemon!).

This is why I wanted to put together a post of some high quality, child-friendly content creators to subscribe to. If I’ve missed anyone, leave a comment and let me know!


A personal favourite and one that helped get me back into the TCG scene, UnlistedLeaf is a Australian-based creator that seems to have Red Bull running through his veins 24/7. With plenty of booster and box openings (mostly of recent releases) he’s definitely top of my list to sub to.


Leonhart is another favourite of mine and someone I’ve been following quite a while. With a bit of a higher bankroll that UnlistedLeaf, his videos will definitely make you green with envy! Plenty of content across WOTC to newer releases, and personally more relatable due to gray hairs 😅

Frosted Caribou

Frosted Caribou is a personable and friendly creator with regular content spanning across both collecting, the competitive TCG scene and general news. I’ve only just subscribed recently myself.


With content more focussed on investment and card value, TwicebakedJake is maybe more of a creator for whilst baby is snoozing. His content is highly informative, but you won’t find the same hype that gets baby dancing along!

PTCG Radio

Another sleeper (and I mean that in a good way!) is PTCG Radio. With highly informative posts around new and old card content, it’s a channel I keep an eye on whenever a new set is announced to get the low down straight away.