For the first mystery box pickup in this new mystery unboxing series I wanted to open something special. Since getting back in to Pokémon collecting I’ve been in touch with a local retailer to me, Kuma Cards. A small and friendly collectables seller, they specialise in Japanese Pokémon cards and products so I was excited to pick up their X-Large Japanese Mystery Box (£100 RRP).

As a pre-requisite to the order I received a friendly email asking for my favourite 3 Pokémon, to which I hastily replied Eevee, Umbreon and Pikachu. I wasn’t expecting this, but it’s a lovely touch to really feel like you’re getting a customised box. The box arrived in a couple of days via special delivery and ripped straight into it.

The first thing that jumped out at me about this box is how much of an eclectic mix of Pokémon products there was. I was really surprised by the variety and not just seeing the typical stack of boosters. The products inside range from quirky Pokémon themed snacks, gorgeous plushies, modern packs and what-even-is-that stuff! But the thing that binds them is the exclusivity of being imported Japanese products.

So what’s in the box? There’s plenty to see and in all honesty I’m not even sure I know what it all is but I’m loving figuring it out! Everything was in perfect condition, packaged safely and all with tags still on products. I didn’t get the sense that anything was cheap, unofficial or second hand.

  • Pikachu crown
  • Chinese New Year Pikachu Red Packet
  • Pikachu Funko pop
  • Stack of Japanese booster packs
  • Pikachu and Eevee figurine
  • Umbreon plushie
  • Pikachu TCG keyring
  • Pikachu & Eevee play mat
  • Pikachu face mask
  • Collection of sweets and treats
  • Eevee socks
  • Pokeball fabric
  • Eevee & Glaceon thing

Wondering what’s in that juicy stack of Pokémon boosters? Well check out the video below to see all the artworks! I haven’t cracked into them yet, but you can really add to the value of your mystery boxes when it comes to boosters.

If you’re only into the Pokémon TCG then this may not be the box for you. But if you’re a fan of the broader Japanese Pokémon culture and products then this is a great box. The value for money is exceptional, with my feeling being that you get well over RRP.

I absolutely loved opening this box. It’s got a totally different vibe to just getting a bunch of boosters. The only thing we may like to see is a little list of what things are 😅

Mystery Box Score

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 / 5